Holiday Gift Campaign for Hospitalized Veterans

Southern California Wheelchair Veterans Association was founded in 2002. Although our primary focus has been to help those disabled veterans confined in wheelchairs, our organization’s charter states that we are able to help any disabled, ill or hospitalized veteran. Now, according to a study conducted by the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, approximately one in five soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. The goal of our campaign this holiday season is to raise funds in order to ease some of the despair many of our veterans are facing through the hardest portion of the year by delivering them gift baskets full of the comforts from home. Statistics show that a veteran commits suicide every 81 minutes (that’s about 500 a month) here in the States. The holiday season is notoriously stressful for those veterans who are hospitalized and we (with your help) would like to ease that burden by giving something back to those who have served and suffered.

Each and every dollar contributed to this campaign will help out with the creation of holiday baskets for those veterans which are hospitalized and in dire need of cheering up through this season and will also go to Veterans Canteen Services (VCS) at our Local VA hospitals.

Since 2002 we have been bringing hope and comfort to hundreds of hospitalized veterans in our area. Each holiday we gather our resources and head out to the local hospitals to physically hand out gift boxes while supplying the Veterans Canteen Service with your combined donations which can only be used by veterans in those hospitals for items such as phone cards, books, haircuts, and many more daily essentials. Please click on the link below to show your support to our local hospitalized veterans.